How to Upload Videos to IGTV, Facebook Acquires AI Startup, and Instagram Bans Sensitive Content

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  1. Create an IGTV Channel

  2. Upload a Video to Your Channel

  3. Add Your Copy & Creative

  4. Publish & Check Your Analytics


FACEBOOK ALLOWS BRANDS INTO GROUPS: Facebook has announced that brands are now allowed to join and participate in Facebook Groups. LINK

INSTAGRAM BANS SENSITIVE CONTENT: Due to the tragic suicide of a young girl, Instagram has decided to ban all content which promotes the act of suicide. LINK

FACEBOOK ACQUIRES AI STARTUP:  Facebook is taking major steps into the work of augmented reality and artificial intelligenceLINK

IGTV WILL NOW BE ON YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED: In what seems to be a move to compete with YouTube, Instagram will now feature IGTV clips on your Instagram feed. LINK

SNAPCHAT SLOWS USER LOSSES:Snapchat has finally stopped hemorrhaging users by the millions. Is it time for them to recover? LINK

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