How to Get Verified On Instagram, Psychological Biases in Marketing, and 15 Facebook Tools and Features You Don't Know About

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  1. Focus your attention on parallel platforms

  2. Suggest you’re at risk of being impersonated

  3. Stay active on your account

  4. Try stocking up on earned media

  5. Try asking to be verified

THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS: Here are 15 social media monitoring tools to help you keep track of more data and identify the most important information. LINK

INSTAGRAM: The new Instagram features that’ll help you interact with your followers and keep them coming back for more, so you can grow your brand. LINK

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FACEBOOK IS 15 YEARS OLD: Today, Facebook turns 15 years old and to celebrate, Women Love Tech is showcasing 15 Facebook tools and features you probably don’t even know about. Listed below are 3 of the 15: LINK

  1. Facebook Marketplace

  2. Facebook Groups

  3. Messenger Video Chat AR games

6 POWERFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL BIASES: Is your mind free of these 6 biases? LINK

FAKE NEWS ALERT: Turns out almost all health information on Facebook is wrong; is anybody surprised?LINK

STAFF PICK: Periscope makes a breakthrough in its live streaming platform.LINK


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