Banned Instagram Hashtags, a Snapchat Gaming Platform, and Facebook's AI Systems

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LATEST PODCAST: Facebook News Feed is Over, The Phenomenon Of The New Zealand Live Stream, Amazon Is The Influencer Platform of the Future

HOW TO FIND YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS ON INSTAGRAM: Ready to find out who your top Instagram friends are? LINK

GOODBYE NEWSFEED: Major disputes over Facebook's newsfeed has caused two executives to quit.  LINK

SNAPCHAT GAMING: Snapchat announces development of their own gaming platform. LINK


AI TERRIBLE AT SPOTTING VIOLENCE: Facebook failed to detect the live stream of the New Zealand shooting.   LINK

AMAZON INFLUENCERS: Is Amazon the influencer platform of the future?LINK

FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM OUTAGE: A server configuration change led to massive downtime for Facebook and Instagram. LINK

BANNED HASHTAGS:Find out which hashtags Instagram no longer allows.LINK


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Gavin McGarry