Verified Account Scams, TikTok Fined $5.7 Million, and Viral Challenges

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LATEST PODCAST: Instagram Hackers, Maximizing Group Post Potential, The Momo Challenge

FACEBOOK HOW TO: Find out how to enable "Dark Mode" by using one simple emoji on messenger.  LINK

INSTAGRAM HACKERS: Beware a new hacking scheme that promises verification. LINK

YOUTUBE: The comments section on almost all videos on YouTube that include minors have been disabled. LINK

TIKTOK: TikTok has been fined $5.7 million for collecting children's user data. LINK

VANS SHOE VIRAL CHALLENGE: Vans shoes has an interesting new viral challenge, have you tried it yet? LINK


TERRIFYING "MOMO CHALLENGE" HOAX: Don't bother Googling it, it's just another internet hoax. LINK

STAFF PICK: See how Jonah Hill responds to a hateful troll and turns it into a kind invitation. LINK


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