Facebook Stories, Tinder Trouble, and Folding Phones

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TINDER'S LEGAL TROUBLES:Anybody who purchased Tinder Gold could be getting their money back. LINK

PINTEREST: Pinterest is on the verge of going public, will you invest?  LINK

WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE ALGORITHMS: Finally a way to control what algorithms show us.  LINK

HOW MUCH DO THE KARDASHIANS MAKE PER POST: Aren't you just a little bit curious? LINK

POSTING YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM: A new software is expanding Instagram's video functions. LINK

FACEBOOK STORY OVERHAUL: Facebook may make a dramatic change to its feed. LINK

PULLING BACK THE FACEBOOK VEIL: Facebook will allow people to see "why" they are seeing certain content. LINK

STAFF PICK: Samsung Galaxy Fold - Unboxing. LINK



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Gavin McGarry