Boosting Your Media, Coachella Conspiracy, and Taylor Swift

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TAYLOR SWIFT BREAKS THE INTERNET: Her new music video just released and it's already blowing up. LINK

GETTING BANNED ON INSTAGRAM: People are getting banned without notice, here's how to avoid it.  LINK

THE RISE OF TIKTOK: The Wall Street Journal breaks down the latest internet craze. LINK

THE ART OF BOOSTING SOCIAL POSTS: Organic posting is long gone, here's how to adapt. LINK

7 WAYS TO DEVELOP A BUSINESS'S SOCIAL MEDIA: Every business needs to be online, here's how to do it.LINK

FACEBOOK STORIES ARE EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS:The feature is now generating over 500 million daily viewers. LINK

HOW TO ADVERTISE ON INSTAGRAM IN 2019: Hootsuite provides some great information on how Instagram Ads work. LINK

TWITTER USERS VS. THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Pew Research Center provides us with some interesting insights comparing the average Twitter user vs. non-users. LINK

THE VOICE OF YOUR BRAND MATTERS: Establishing a personality in social media is important to longevity. LINK

THE AGE OF ADVERTISING ANGER: Why have commercials become so safe? LINK

FAKING A TRIP TO COACHELLA: The influencer that fooled the internet into thinking she spent her weekend at Coachella. LINK


NEWS FROM A HACKER: Jane Manchun Wong is at the forefront of social media scoops. LINK

DUNCAN’S FRIEND: Here’s Duncan’s friend who had her account deleted. LINK

STAFF PICK: Ever wondered how an AI death metal band would sound? LINK

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