Facebook Livestream Crackdown, Twitter Hiding Likes and Retweets, and TikTok Recruiting Students

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MAKING INSTAGRAM SAFER: Instagram is taking some new steps to help you feel safer on the platform. LINK

TWITTER MAY HIDE LIKES AND RETWEETS: Based on Twitter's beta program, we have a glimpse at possible changes coming to its main features. LINK

TIKTOK IS RECRUITING COLLEGE STUDENTS: In an effort to expand its audience, TikTok is hiring on students to be brand ambassadors on college campuses. LINK


POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Grytics is providing extremely useful Facebook Group insights that you can customize in many ways. LINK

FACEBOOK CRACKING DOWN ON LIVESTREAMING: After the Christchurch Massacre, Facebook is implementing a one-strike policy. LINK

INSTAGRAM REDESIGN:The newer IGTV and shopping features have been moved to the newly redesigned "Explore" tab. LINK

WHAT PLATFORMS TO FOCUS ON FOR BOUTIQUE BUSINESSES: Find out where you should be posting, and why. LINK


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