Instagram Appeals, Pinterest Policies, and Facebook Creator Studio Updates

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NO NEW PODCAST THIS WEEK, BUT YOU CAN STILL LISTEN TO LAST WEEK'S: Getting Banned From Instagram, The Problem with Bots, Moving Your Audience to Mailchimp

FACEBOOK UPDATES VIDEO POLICIES: Original content and loyal viewership are now a main focus of Facebook. LINK

PINTEREST HAS RELEASED NEW USER ANALYTICS: More and more men are joining Pinterest.  LINK

RETWEETS ARE GETTING A POWER BOOST: Twitter has added the ability to retweet with gifs and more. LINK

INSTAGRAM ADDS APPEALS: You can now make a case against a post takedown on Instagram. LINK

HOW-TO: SPARK AR ON INSTAGRAM: Learn how to take advantage of Instagram's new AR Filters feature. LINK


GET GOOD AT INSTAGRAM:Facebook provides helpful insights to being a successful creator on Instagram. LINK

FACEBOOK CREATOR STUDIO NOW INCLUDES INSTAGRAM: You can now use Facebook's powerful Creator Studio Dashboard to post to and manage your Instagram. LINK

PINTEREST IS WORKING TO PUT AN END TO MISINFORMATION: Pinterest is disallowing posts containing certain "false information" from appearing in searches. LINK

STAFF PICK: McDonald's dips a toe into AI with a new kind of drive-thru menu that tries to guess your order. LINK

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