New Instagram Feature, Analytics Tools, and Facebook Competitor Research

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NO NEW PODCAST THIS WEEK, BUT YOU CAN STILL LISTEN TO OUR LAST ONE: Getting Banned From Instagram, The Problem with Bots, Moving Your Audience to Mailchimp

INSTAGRAM TESTING NEW FEATURE: We may see a new Instagram feature soon with song lyric stickers. LINK

HOW PEOPLE UTILIZE MEDIA BY GENERATION: See where younger and older generations are spending their time online. LINK

CRIME NOTIFICATION APPS ARE ON THE RISE: Vox delves into the newly popular "fear-based" social media. LINK


POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Grytics is providing extremely useful Facebook Group insights that you can customize in many ways. LINK

HOW-TO: MAKE POSTING INSTAGRAM HASHTAG CLUSTERS EASIER: Posting clusters of Hashtags on your phone can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. LINK

MARK ZUCKERBERG DISMISSES CALL TO BREAK-UP FACEBOOK:Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes warns of the "unprecedented power" that Zuckerberg has acquired. LINK

HOW-TO: RESEARCH FACEBOOK ADS OF YOUR COMPETITORS: Social Media Examiner teaches you how you can utilize Facebook's new open ad feature to learn more about your competitors' advertising. LINK

STAFF PICK: Avengers: Endgame is now the most tweeted movie of all time. LINK

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