Very Useful Social Media Tools, Tech Companies Are "Too Large", and More Facebook Changes

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FACEBOOK INFO AND ADS HAS MOVED: Here's where you can find the new location of Facebook Info and Ads, now Facebook Ads Library. Just type in the page you are looking for and it has everything you need, plus some new features. LINK

INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM CHANGES: What you need to know and can expect from the new Instagram algorithm in 2019. LINK

SOCIAL MEDIA STATS: Buffer provides us with many social media stats and facts, as well as info on what they mean to you. LINK


LARGE TECH COMPANIES ARE "TOO LARGE": The U.S. Congress is now getting involved with social media tech companies to judge if they are becoming "too large". LINK

FACEBOOK PIXEL GETS  BIG CHANGES: Facebook's Pixel feature may no longer be very helpful to online marketers. LINK This is coming off the back of Facebook's latest announcements of a new privacy initiativeLINK



  • ADOBE SPARK: Create beautiful graphics for posts and more. LINK

  • FONT CANDY: Amazing text editor that let's you create professional-looking images and posts. LINK

  • MOJO: Allows you to create stunning video stories from images. LINK

  • CHECKBOT: Provides extremely useful analytics on whatever site you want, and gives suggestions to improve SEO and more. LINK

  • CHECK MY LINKS: Instantly checks all links on a page to find anything broken or invalid. LINK

  • CAPTIONMAKER: Let's you create multi-line breaks for Instagram posts. LINK


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Gavin McGarry