E-Commerce is Evolving, New LinkedIn features, and TikTok growing massively in China

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LINKEDIN FEATURES FOR MARKETERS: These top 5 tips are changing the game for marketers. LINK

GEO-TAGGING REMOVED FROM TWITTER: For the sake of privacy, locations are being removedLINK

HOW SOCIAL PLATFORMS ARE CHANGING E-COMMERCE: E-Commerce is facing big changes, again. LINK

THE CORPORATE MEDIA AWKWARD PHASE: Is corporate social media getting better? LINK

TIKTOK REACHES 250 MILLION USERS IN CHINA: Marketers should not ignore the rise of TikTok. LINK

USERS GETTING BORED WITH ORGANIC CONTENT: Some Instagrammers are looking forward to ads rather than organic content. LINK


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  • 7 Brands Killing It With Humor on Twitter. LINK


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