New Facebook Avatars, U.S. Requires Social Media, and The Death of iTunes

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LINKEDIN IS INTEGRATING TALENT TOOLS: LinkedIn is making it easier for you to search for and verify/vet job applicants. LINK

FACEBOOK LAUNCHES NEW BITMOJI-LIKE AVATARS: You can now use your own personal cartoon avatars as stickers. LINK

PATRONSCAN ALLOWS BARS AND MORE TO BLACKLIST YOUR ID: PatronScan is an online network focused on safety that scans your state ID when you enter a bar/hotel/club/casino and saves a history of any issues that may occur. LINK

THE U.S. NOW REQUIRES VISA APPLICANTS TO PROVIDE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: New government visa applicants must report all social media accounts used over the last 5 years. LINK

TWITTER LIVESTREAMS JUST GOT LIVELIER: Twitter livestreams now allow you to let guests join your video feed. LINK

THE DEATH OF ITUNES: The Verge takes us through the rise and fall of the polarizing platform. LINK

HOW-TO: Learn how to use Facebook's Eventbrite Integration. LINK


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Gavin McGarry