New Netflix-Style Snapchat Feature, Twitch Isn't Going Anywhere, and Google's New Social Network

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INSTAGRAM VS. PINTEREST: Which platform is the best for your business? LINK

TWITTER POLITICAL STUDY: Pewresearch brings us insights on who follows who in the political world on Twitter. LINK

TWITCH IS STILL THE KING OF THE STREAM: Twitch has had some recent competition in the streaming world, yet it still stands tall above the rest. LINK


SOCIAL MEDIA NEED TO KNOWS: What you need to know before you make business announcements online. LINK

TIKTOK TAKES VIETNAM:One of the fastest growing social platforms is, unsurprisingly, getting bigger.LINK

SNAPCHAT TESTING NEW FEATURE:A new discovery page is being tested for Snapchat shows. LINK

GOOGLE TESTING NEW SOCIAL NETWORK: Shoelace is Google's newest social media endeavor that is currently testing in New York. LINK

JOHN OLIVER TAKES ON WAREHOUSES:On "Last Week Tonight", John Oliver decided to tackle the subject of warehouses, just in time for the recent Amazon strike. LINK


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