Twitter Flagging Government Posts, YouTube's Augmented Reality Ads, and Easy Social Media Mistakes

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TWITTER CRACKING DOWN OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS: Twitter will be flagging posts from government officials with the same standards as normal users. LINK

SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKES YOU MAY BE MAKING: Learn about 7 practices that your business shouldn't be doing onlineLINK

IMPROVE YOUR FACEBOOK AD RESULTS: A list of 5 different Facebook audiences to take advantage of. LINK

YOUTUBE'S AUGMENTED REALITY ADS: The site's newest ad format is being pushed out now. LINK


COMMUNITY-FOCUSED FEED OPTIMIZATION FOR LINKEDIN: Learn how to organize and optimize your feed to make better use of your LinkedIn profile. LINK

INSTAGRAM'S NEW "STOP-MOTION" FEATURE:Instagram has a new stories feature in the works. LINK


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