New Twitter Layout, Portrait Painting AI, Bohemian Rhapsody Music Video Hits 1 BILLION!

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TWITTER'S NEW MEDIA STUDIO TOOL: Twitter has added the LiveCut Video-Editing Tool to their official media studio. LINK

PINTEREST WELLNESS: This new feature helps with stress, anxiety, and more. LINK

TIKTOK UPDATED WITH NEW FEATURES: Account switching and more are available in this new update. LINK

FACEBOOK MOBILE GETS NEW LOOK: With changes to aspect ratios and text, Facebook Mobile is looking a bit different now. LINK

TWITTER REDESIGN:How Twitter's new layout works, and why it changed.LINK

INSTAGRAM GIVES WARNING PERIOD TO BANNABLE USERS:A new update is rolling out giving users in danger of being banned a chance to fix their account. LINK

NEW FACIAL RECOGNITION AI PAINTS PORTRAITS: This AI takes any facial image and transforms it into a classical painting. LINK

HOW TO IMPROVE RESULTS OF INSTAGRAM STORY ADS:Learn how you can make your stories far more effective. LINK


STAFF PICK:Bohemian Rhapsody becomes the oldest music video to hit one billion views on YouTube. LINK


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Gavin McGarry