Twitter Tests Reply Subscriptions, Verizon Selling Tumblr, and Scheduling Instagram Posts

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PODCASTS PLAYABLE THROUGH GOOGLE SEARCH: Google's newest change makes it easier to preview podcasts. LINK

YOU CAN FINALLY SCHEDULE POSTS THROUGH INSTAGRAM: The newly released update to Facebook's Creator Studio adds arguably the most highly requested feature. LINK


TWITTER TESTS SUBSCRIBING TO REPLIES: In an effort to focus more on conversation, Twitter is testing a new feature. LINK

MILLENNIALS MAY BE THE LONELIEST GENERATION: New research shows that 25% of millennials don't have a single friend. LINK

TWITTER REMOVING THIRD-PARTY INSIGHTS FOR AD TARGETING:You will no longer be able to use data collected from anywhere but Twitter for ad retargeting on the platform. LINK

VERIZON TO SELL TUMBLR: Wordpress owner is purchasing the once-prominent blogging platform. LINK

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Gavin McGarry