Pinterest Revenue Soars, Chase Commits to AI Copywriting, and US Senate Attempting to Ban Infinite Scroll

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BILL CALLS TO BAN INFINITE SCROLL: The US Senate wants to curb social media addiction by banning infinite scrolling. LINK

CHASE COMMITS TO AI: After AI trials outperformed human copywriters, Chase commits to making the switch. LINK

INSTAGRAM AND WHATSAPP NOW HAVE A "FROM FACEBOOK" STAMP: Facebook reminds us who owns what with this new change. LINK

FACEBOOK CRYPTOCURRENCY "LIBRA" MAY NOT HAPPEN: A recent SEC filing shows the currency may be delayed or cancelled. LINK

PINTEREST REVENUE JUMPS: The popular sharing site has seen it's revenue up 62%. LINK

FACEBOOK TO REMOVE THOUSANDS OF INTEREST TARGETS: Over the coming months, thousands of advertising interests targets deemed "outdated" will be phased out on Facebook. LINK

TWITTER AD REVENUE IS UP: Ads saw a 24% jump in Q2. LINK

YOUTUBE CREATORS UNIONIZING: After recent controversy about YouTube rules and "fair use" many European content creators are calling for action. LINK



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Gavin McGarry