Big Facebook Groups Update, WhatsApp additions, and How to Build a FB Group Tutorial

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JUMPWIRE INSIGHTS - Someone we know went for some FB training at FB HQ over the weekend. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  1. FB is going to redesign the main page and prominently feature groups.

  2. Groups will have full stats and analysis data soon.

  3. FB is adding a boost post option to groups.

  4. FB giving us the ability to build custom audiences from groups.


FACEBOOK GROUPS UPDATE: A good concise article from TechCrunch - Facebook rolls out new video tools, plus Instagram and IGTV scheduling feature. LINK

HOW TO SET UP AN EFFECTIVE FB GROUP: Step by step on how to set up a group that will be effective via our friends at Buffer. LINK

ICYMI:Details about the Messenger Conference that happened in Austin, TX this past weekend put on by ManyChat. LINK

CONTROVERSIAL:The only issue I have with this short piece is that they don't mention if the Democrats were doing the same thing with bots. I couldn't find anything about that. "Trump campaign dominated social media during Democrat debate — thanks to bots: report." LINK

GAVIN'S VIDEO PICK: The update to the whole Samsung folding phone issue. There is a new version. This video has some interesting insights. "Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New!" LINK

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