Improve Your Social Media SEO, Write Captivating Social Content And Identify Fake Followers – August 8th, 2018 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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FACEBOOK: How Facebook became the strongest stock buy of the year. Link

CONTENT WRITING: The best words to grab audience attention online. Link

  • Blog posts: “hacks,” “surprising,” “science,” “history”

  • Twitter: “free,” “help,” “retweet”

  • Facebook: any post that offers discounts or deals

FAKE USERS: Israeli and American researchers develop a generic method to detect fake accounts on most types of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Link

INSTAGRAM: Instagram now shows you if your friends are online. This could be a problem for businesses as people will expect an immediate response. Link

MUSICAL.LY: Short video service is merging into sister app TikTok. The global TikTok platform plays better for advertisers rather than forcing them to pick either or TikTok, or going through the added rigmarole of working on both. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA SEO: The questions you should be asking when looking at your SEO and social media strategy. Link

  • How are people discovering you?

  • What questions would they ask Google that could lead them to you?

  • What is going to help customer acquisition and retention?

  • What is the cost and the ROI?

HOW-TO-VIDEO: How to check any Twitter or Instagram account for fake followers using two online resources. Link

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