Social Media Trends For 2019, How To Manipulate Platform Algorithms and The Biggest Twitter Trends Of 2018

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PODCAST: This week on the podcast, the Jumpwire team discusses:

  • Social media trends in 2019

  • Most popular Twitter topics of 2018

  • How to manipulate platform algorithms 

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TWITTER: Twitter shares the most tweeted topics and celebrities of 2018. Link

  • The most popular athlete was Lebron James

  • The most popular movie was "Black Panther"

  • The most popular musicians were "BTS"

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Some best practices:

  • Act as a 'thought leader' in your industry

  • Create captivating infographics

  • Create data-packed videos

TRENDS IN 2019: Top 5 social media trends in 2019 (and how brands should adapt.) Link

ALGORITHMS IN 2019: A marketer’s guide to decoding social media algorithms in 2019. Link

NEWS CONSUMPTION: It’s official! More people get news from social media than newspapers. Link

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Instagram launches walkie-talkie voice messaging. Take a look! Link

*STAFF PICK: YouTube's own recap of 2018 is the most 'disliked' video of the year. Link


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