Trump’s Social Media Guru, UNILAD gossip, Top Instagram Filter Research – June 19, 2018 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

INDUSTRY GOSSIP:  In 2016, UNILAD was named the top Facebook page and online video channel in the world. Then this disgruntled ex-CTO left and spilled all the dirt on the internal workings of the company on this website he built. Link 

YOUTUBE: No one can figure out why YouTube’s piracy filter is blocking MIT courses and Blender videos. Link

STATISTICS: How filters are used by Instagram’s most successful users. Top 3 filters are Clarendon, Juno, Gingham. Link

ALTERNATIVE RESEARCH: Social media does NOT lead to the alienation of people from their friends and family this study says.  Link

ANALYSIS: Trump’s social media genius was profiled on ‘60 Minutes’ about how he won the election for the Donald. “Facebook doesn’t want outside actors buying secret ads to influence the election but will provide you staff resources to help you spend millions to influence it yourself.” Link

HOW-TO-VIDEO: Add Username & Hashtag Links to Instagram Bio. Link

VIDCON: Our CEO, Gavin McGarry, will be speaking at Vidcon in Anaheim, CA on June 21st, presenting research on Facebook video and the strategies we are employing on social media for our clients. See you there. Link

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Gavin McGarry