Corina Joins The Podcast, Gaming Industry News and Twitter Is Making Changes

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PODCAST: Tune in to our latest podcast where we introduce our long-time friend Corina, dive into the gaming world and discuss the different platform adjustments Twitter is making. 

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PLATFORM INFOGRAPHIC: Which social media platform your business should choose - and why. Link

  • Facebook offers large potential reach, but recent algorithm changes favor friends and family over businesses.

  • Twitter offers great opportunities to get in touch with certain people, but tweets can be buried in your feed due to a short shelf-life.

  • Instagram can garner more engagement but does not offer linking capabilities in posts.

TWITTER: Why Twitter wants to get rid of the 'Like' button. Link

INSTAGRAM STORIES: Shazam hooks up with Instagram Stories for another way to share songs. Link

PINTEREST: Pinterest just hired Athleta's top marketing exec as its first CMO, as it tries to bulk up ad revenue ahead of a potential IPO. Link

Should small businesses be on IGTV? (and 3 quick ways to test it out). Link

SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY: The real reason why we share photos of our kids on social media. Link

TWITCH: Twitch doesn’t need to be YouTube as streaming culture is only just beginning, says CEO. Link

What Instagram’s new hashtag search API means for marketers. Link

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Google Pixel 3 comes with Google Lens technology built-in, so you can search what you see. This is the future of AI and poses a threat to Apple as they do not have their own search engine. Link

ALGORITHM HACKING: How to groom your Instagram feed to get a better experience. Link

*STAFF PICK: Instagram and Snapchat look to boost voter participation with new tools. Link



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