Google+ Shutting Down, Facebook Unveils Smart Speakers and Ad Budgets Moving To Amazon – October 10th, 2018 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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TESTING BENCH: We decided to do a test on Facebook and see what happened when you bought 1000 likes for a Facebook page for $25USD. Conclusion – just throw your money away. The number of likes received and the number of likes removed by Facebook as ‘suspicious accounts’ was staggering.


GOOGLE: Google+ is shutting down after users’ data is exposed. And Google knew about it. Link

INSTAGRAM: Facebook announces three updated Instagram courses for marketers from Blueprint. Topics included below. Link

  • Instagram for business

  • Bring your business story to life with Instagram Stories

  • Instagram buying objectives

FACEBOOK: Facebook unveils Portal smart speakers with video calling to battle Amazon and Google. Link

ADVERTISING: Some advertisers are moving half of their search budget from Google to Amazon. Link

  • Amazon’s ad budgets are increasing triple-digit percentages year-over-year

  • Most of the movement is in consumer packaged goods

  • Amazon is now the third-largest U.S. digital advertising platform behind Google and Facebook

GAMING: Microsoft’s xCloud service streams Xbox games to PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Link

CYBERBULLYING: Instagram now uses machine learning to detect bullying within photos. Link

SNAPCHAT Snapchat releases an update of trending topics on the platform. This could be huge for advertisers. Link

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Scroll down and click on the video to see how you can customize your new scannable Instagram Nametag. Link

  • Change colors

  • Add your favorite emojis

  • Take a selfie with fun filters

*STAFF PICK: A new meme format is born. Check out the teens who rack up thousands of followers by posting the same photo every day. Link


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