Instagram Founders Resign, The Rise Of CGI Models and Selena Gomez Steps Away From Social Media โ€“ September 25th, 2018 โ€“ Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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BREAKING NEWS: Instagram founders resigned from Facebook on Monday after clashes with Zuckerberg. Link

INSTAGRAM: Instagram is testing a new feature that may let users start hiding hashtags from posts. Link

CGI MODELING: The rise of CGI models is concerning to human models and may escalate the body and image dysmorphic epidemic. Link

FACEBOOK: John Oliver explains all the ways that Facebook is a โ€˜Toiletโ€™ on โ€˜Last Week Tonight.โ€™ Link

  • In 2013, just 1.2% of Myanmar citizens had internet access

  • Now, roughly 18 million Myanmarese people are using Facebook

  • Due to language barriers, Facebook is having trouble moderating content

MOBILE GAMES: The wildly popular HQ Trivia names new CEO and teases upcoming Wheel of Fortune-style game. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK: The most followed person on Instagram (Selena Gomez 143m) takes a step back from social media. Link

TWITTER: Twitterโ€™s adding a new option to allow users to switch back to a reverse chronological timeline. Link

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: How to grow your Instagram following with Instagram Stories. Link

  • Over 400m users watch Instagram stories per day

  • One-third of the most viewed stories are posted from a business account

  • Use the location sticker based on events or locations that would be of interest to your audience


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