How The Biggest Companies
Ensure Their Social Media Is Effective




A decade of social media analysis has taught us some surprising facts:

  • 80% of companies post the wrong content

  • Ex-employees still have admin access

  • Wrong platform settings cause low engagement

  • Fake accounts steal your brand identity

  • Inappropriate accounts tag your company

  • Neglected management costs significant revenue


Avoid these mistakes and gain valuable insight for a more effective strategy, with our social media audit.

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See How You Compare To Your Top 8 Competitors

Our in-depth audit provides an “X-ray” into your social media performance, and compares it with up to 8 of your top competitors. And we do this with public data — which means we never ask for backend access to your accounts.

No need to give us your login info.

Our proprietary software analyzes:  



  • Audience

  • Engagement

  • Activity

  • SEO performance

  • Most vs. least engaged post

  • Total post engagement percentage

  • Per post engagement



  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

  • Google Plus


5 Crucial areas

  • Optimization Issues

  • Fake Accounts

  • Brand Image

  • Community Management

  • Inconsistencies With Brand Perception

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A Comprehensive Report

During our analysis, we leave no stone unturned. Once your audit is complete, we present our findings to you with the most clear, comprehensive data report in the industry.


Our Audit Includes:

  • A 1 hour video conference call to explain and discuss the results

  • A 60+ page slide deck with graphics of our metrics and findings

  • 10 actionable recommendations you can use today to improve your social media performance

  • World-Class analysis by the same team that works with the clients mentioned above


In social media, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Ensure your social media is performing at the level your brand deserves.


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