Forbes 30 Under 30 Paul Kats, Twitter Lists and Instagram Growth Tactics

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PODCAST: This week, the Jumpwire team welcomes our client, Paul Kats, CEO of Vyng and recent Forbes 30 under 30 recipient to the podcast this week. We talk with Paul about how we were able to help him reach his goal to get on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. We also discuss how to build Twitter lists, and relay our best practices on Instagram hashtag use.

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INSTAGRAM PROFILE CHANGES: Instagram is live-testing profile changes for both regular and business users. Link

  • The profile picture may be switched to the right-hand side

  • Your mutual followers will be displayed

  • There will be more buttons such as the CTA button ‘Start Order’ 

BYTE: Vine fans, your favorite video-looping app is coming back as Byte. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Personalization is the next big opportunity in Social Media Marketing and here's why. Link

TWITTER: Twitter redesigns iOS app to de-emphasize follower counts. Link

LinkedIn violated data protection by using 18M email addresses of non-members to buy targeted ads on Facebook. They seem apologetic...kind of. Link

SHOPPING ON INSTAGRAM: Build a wish list and click on products in videos with Instagram’s latest shopping update. Link

FACEBOOK EUROPE: UK parliament seizes a cache of internal Facebook documents to further privacy probe. Link

LINKEDIN STORIES: LinkedIn launches its own Snapchat Stories. Here’s why it shouldn’t have. Link 

  • The videos will be permanently visible

  • “Authenticity” might not necessarily paint users in the best light to recruiters

  • New updates are too youth-focused and could harm LinkedIn's professional reputation

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Nception app allows you to take photos or videos with a filter or reflective mode applied and then switch among the effects as you’re shooting. You can also apply the effects to an existing image or video by importing it from your phone into the app. Link

*STAFF PICK: Here's why some of Instagram's biggest memes accounts are locking their accounts to get more followers. Link


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