Truth About Fake Followers, Teens Leaving Snapchat and Hinge Rethinks Dating – October 23rd, 2018 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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PODCAST: Listen to our latest Jumpwire podcast about fake followers, teens leaving Snapchat and Hinge rethinking dating. Link

TWITCH: Controversial streamer suspended from Twitch, barred from TwitchCon after ‘Harassment.’ Link

INFLUENCERS: Here are the top ten elderly influencers that are dominating Instagram. Link

POPULARITY: Instagram inches ahead of Snapchat in popularity among teens. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS: View the 21 social media tools every savvy marketer should use. Link

  • Buzzsumo— Learn about the latest hot topics in your industry and research important keywords

  • Dashlane— Keep track of all your logins and passwords

  • Buffer— Use this one-stop shop for scheduling your social media posts

FACEBOOK: Facebook launches a new dashboard to better track Facebook ad performance. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA BOTS: Most Americans say they can’t tell the difference between a social media bot and a human. Link

DATING APPS: Hinge is the first dating app to actually measure real-world success. Link

LINKEDIN: LinkedIn updates feed algorithm to generate more engagement for users. Link

FAKE FOLLOWERS: Don’t do it. Here are the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy fake followers. Link

  • Buying fake followers will get you banned

  • Followers/Likes matter less than they used to

  • It dilutes the accuracy of your analytics

VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Adobe’s craziest new tools animate photos, convert recordings to music in a click. Link

*STAFF PICK: Meet the teens who refuse to use social media. Link


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