New Pinterest Specialty, YouTube Can't Be Fixed By Algorithms, and Elon Musk "Deletes" Twitter

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GOODBYE AMAZON SPARK: Amazon shuts down its shopping-focused Instagram rival. LINK

INSTAGRAM HELPING YOU RECOVER YOUR ACCOUNT: New Instagram features are helping you get your account back after being hackedLINK

ALGORITHMS CAN'T FIX YOUTUBE: The problem is much too human for an algorithm. LINK


NEW PINTEREST FEATURE: Pinterest Partner Program adds shopping specialty. LINK

  • Here's how to become a Pinterest Partner. LINK

STREAMER "DRDISRESPECT" POKES AT TWITCH:After a recent ban from Twitch, DrDisrespect is back with a new, fun emote. LINK

  • More info on why he was banned. LINK


  • 8 ways that you can share links on Instagram. LINK

  • How to get started with Facebook Business Manager. LINK

  • How to think about targeting on Pinterest. LINK


  • Elon Musk claims to have "deleted" his Twitter account. LINK

  • Bella Thorne reposts her own nudes after being hacked to take back her power. LINK


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